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Arthritis both hip . Film x-ray of human

Arthritis / Osteoarthritis

The joint surface is covered by smooth articular cartilage that allows near frictionless movement, shock absorption, and pain-free movement. The cartilage can wear out with age and activity, leading to osteoarthritis. Other causes could be inflammatory such as rheumatoid arthritis or traumatic. This will cause continual and debilitating pain in the hip joint, it may sometimes radiate to the knee. Diagnosis of Osteoarthritis is made by medical history, physical examination, and X-Rays or sometimes MRI scan. Inflammatory arthritis may also require blood tests and occasionally, tissue biopsy. Treatment focuses on decreasing pain and improving joint movement. This may include exercises &  physiotherapy to keep joints flexible and improve muscle strength, weight control to reduce the stress on the joint, medications to control pain, anti-inflammatories, Injections of cortisone or Hyaluronic acid into the joint, and Total hip replacement when conservative measures fail

Hip Arthritis: List
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