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Image by Lars Bo Nielsen

Hip Pointers

Caused by a sudden impact that's hard enough to bruise your iliac crest (hipbone), greater trochanter (the top of your leg bone), or the surrounding soft tissue. Occurs from sports activities such as football, rugby, basketball, or skating. Symptoms are characterized by immediate and often excruciating pain.Bruising and swelling in the injured area. Rapid decline in the strength and range of movement of the affected hip and leg. Diagnosis is usually self-apparent and readily diagnosed from the history and physical examination,  imaging may be required to rule out fractures with an X-ray and MRI to confirm the diagnosis and assess severity. Treatment of a hip pointer focuses on a protocol of protecting the injured area, optimum loading, Ice, compression, and elevation augmented with the appropriate pain killers to miantain activity.

Hip Pointers: List
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