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Hip replacement within 2 months from clinical review

Self-pay packages

Happy senior woman patient recovering in hospital bed with male doctor and female nurse looking at h

Rapid Access to Hip Replacement Surgery

We know that waiting for medical treatment in pain can impact on your quality of life.

Mr Shakokani has the privilege to operate at multiple sites therefore we can offer you rapid access to high-quality treatments and a hip replacement within 2 months from being seen.

Self-pay means that you pay for your own treatment. Anyone can self-pay for diagnostic tests and treatments - you don't need medical insurance or a GP referral .

Self pay packages

With self-pay packages, you'll know exactly what you are paying from the start. You will be provided with a price for your diagnostics and treatment in one, so you don't need to worry about incurring additional, unexpected costs.

For rapid access to a hip replacement, please contact Mr Shakokani's PA on +447799369784 or email

Hospital Waiting Room

Get in touch with us today to receive the medical attention you need.

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