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Muscle  Pulls or Strains

A tear in the muscle fibres caused by either a fall or direct blow to the muscle, overstretching, and overuse injury is called a strain. The chances of having a hip muscle strain become high if you have had a previous injury in the area or if there is no warm-up before exercising. The muscles of the front and inner thigh (the Adductors ) is a common muscle to be stressed. It's common in sprinters,  football players, and weightlifters. Symptoms: include pain and swelling of the affected muscle, the pain worsens when using the injured muscles, and sometimes strength decreases. Diagnosis: is made by physical examination of the hip and leg, Xrays may be required to rule out other injuries such as stress fractures. Treatment: focuses on relieving the pain and the swelling by Rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Anti-inflammatories may be helpful in the initial stage. Physiotherapy to stretch and strengthen the muscle to regain its strength. Prevention of further strains is crucial therefore we will ensure to provide you with conditioning programs to keep your muscles flexible and fit always. 

Muscle  Pulls or Strains: List
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