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With all major surgery, there are some risks

Risks of surgery: List

Blood clot

Blood clots can form in the leg causing pain and swelling in the calf  (Deep vein thrombosis or DVT) or sometimes it may move to the lungs causing breathlessness or chest pain ( Pulmonary embolism or PE). Both require urgent medical treatment. 
Early mobility, leg exercises, and foot pumps in addition to medication may reduce the risks of this happening.


Infection may occur in the soft tissue or skin infection and is generally treated with antibiotics.  However deep Infection in the implant may require further surgery or removal/exchange. Infection can happen at any time from the early days after the surgery to  years later.


This occurs when the ball comes out of the socket. The risk is at its greatest in the early stages of your recovery, but it could happen at any time. Hip dislocation requires to be put back under a general anaesthetic if it continues to dislocate, further surgery may be necessary.

Leg length discrepancy 

One leg may feel longer or shorter than the other.  We will endeavor to make your leg lengths equal but we may lengthen or shorten your leg slightly in order to maximise the stability and prevent dislocation. Most cases do not need treatment though occasionally a shoe insert is required for the shorter leg.

Nerve or vessel injury

Nerves or vessels near the hip joint can be stretched or injured during a hip replacement procedure. If a vessel is injured it may cause minor bleeding or hematoma. Usually, this stops within a couple of days. But occasionally blood may collect under the skin, causing a swelling or wound leak. Nerve injury may cause a temporary or permanent deficit in the foot.


Over time, the hip prosthesis may wear out or loosen. This may be related to your activity, biological thinning of the bone, or infection. It may cause pain, stiffness, or instability. Treatment with a re-do surgery called revision may be necessary.

Other complications 

Medical complications such as heart attack or stroke, anaestheitc complication, fracture, pain, stiffness, and death.

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